• Filmycon is an online film festival in India. Filmycon is also an online film aggregator and promoter under the umbrella of GoodMoviesFactory
  • We are born to celebrate new artists, short films, documentaries and many other aspects which form the beautiful world of filmmaking.

Films will be judged on the basis of talent, creativity and content. This is not only limited to the Direction, but also includes the fields of Acting, Cinematography, Music, Sound, Make up, Design, Animation of different genre of short films like Documentary, Action, Romance, Comedy films etc. Out of all the films, a few will be selected



Screening of best short films of 2016 on Filmycon Film Festival’s official channel and website.


As one of the short film festivals in India, we promote films made by independent filmmakers and storytellers along with their cast and crew on all the popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and our own website.(Only Level 2)


100 Percent Advertisement Monetisation received by the participant for their particular film.


A chance for the whole team to meet the the cast and crew of all the other Selected Films, at an event hosted by Filmycon, exclusively for the Selected Films.

Exclusive Interview

An Exclusive Interview with the co founders and making of Film’s profile on the website.

General Guidelines

Rule No.1

To be eligible for Filmycon Film Festival all short films must be between 3-20 minutes.


Rule No.2

Film must be completed after 1st August 2015

Rule No.3

Film must have a trailer and 2 posters – One landscape format and one of portrait format(exact 450x600mm)

Rule No.4

The participant should be the rightful owner of the content, or possess the right to submit and distribute the film.

Rule No.5

Please note that if your film gets selected, then Filmycon Film Festival reserves ‘NON-EXCLUSIVE’ Screening rights of the film for a limited period.
Jury will select films in two categories: Level 1 and Level 2.


For further details, do click on the Terms and Conditions tab below. It contains the following :


Entry Guideline and Eligibility Criteria


General Terms of Participation


Rights and Obligations of the Participant


Revenue sharing of the Participant


Now stop reading, go out there, get together with your friends and fellow artists, and submit a great film. All the Best.