1. Is it only a short film contest or even documentaries can be submitted?

For us, a film is an audio visual form of storytelling. Either it is a documentary or a short movie in form of a musical, we are open to all.

2. What is Level 1 and Level 2?

Out of all the films submitted, few wil be selected. These will be Level 1 films.Out of all the Level 1 films, few will be promoted online which will be Level 2 films.

3. What kind of poster do you expect?

Film must have a poster in portrait format(exact 450*600mm). A landscape poster is optional.

4. What language of films do you accept?

The films must be in either English or Hindi. If the film is in any other language than English or Hindi, then it must be subtitled in English. We recommend subtitles be hardcoded in the video or submitted in .srt format as far as possible and submitted to us along the film.

5. What do you mean by Non-Exclusive Screening rights?

It means the right to screen the film at any platform, preferably online as far as Filmycon is concerned. Though, the owner/participant is free to submit the film at any other festival or show it on any platform, as long as it doesn’t adversely affect the screening on Filmycon platforms.

6. Does Filmycon have the right to screen the films which don’t get selected?

Filmycon has the right to screen your film, only if gets selected. Filmycon will not screen the non selected films, neither does it reserves the right to do so.

7. Will the film be shown on Youtube?

Yes, if your film gets selected, then it will be shown on Filmycon’s Youtube channel.

8. Who is the Jury at Filmycon?

Filmycon’s Jury comprises of a group of Extreme movie buffs who have been watching films since childhood. The kind of movies they watch is reflected in the Fimycon poster. For a change, they are not the industry veterans, but common viewers with a passion for films.

9. What does 100 percent advertisement monetisation on that particular content mean?

There are various advertisements associated with a film, when it is screened on a platform like Youtube. One is the ad which plays before or in between the video. Others are on the Youtube website, in the corners or at the bottom, not at the video. The selected participant will get 100 percent of the money generated from the advertisement only playing in the video playing screen, and not from the ones showing on the website. Please refer to Revenue Sharing for Participant Entries in Terms and Conditions.

10. Is Filmycon registered with the Government?

Filmycon is trademarked under the rules of the Government of India. Filmycon is an initiative by GoodMoviesFactory Productions which is registered with the government as GoodMoviesFactory Productions LLP.

11. How will the films be judged?

Films will be judged on all the aspects, but primarily on the content and creativity. If it’s different, refreshing, brings a fantastic feeling and makes the Jury go lost while watching it, then it has more shots at getting selected.

12. How will the Film be promoted?

Filmycon has impressive presence on all the major three platforms, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Films will be promoted on them, Metacafe and Youtube. And in due time, at live events & other platforms likes Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc.

13. How many films can a participant submit?

One participant can submit any number of films.